Automatic integration of catalogue / stocks in your digital sale

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At Cerdá we adapt to make it easy for you

Have you ever stopped to calculate the time you waste in your e-commerce when uploading the references one by one?

Do you have high resolution images and do you have enough resources to nurture the uploading of new products?

How do you control the availability of each of the references of your e-commerce?

Each e-commerce is different and therefore, at Cerdá we adapt to make it easy for you. Invest your time in what is really important and let us take care of the rest!

Cerdá’s e-commerce integration service allows you to have all or part of our catalogue on your website, immediately and effortlessly.

Everything from a single source: save time, resources and space


Allows connection with different e-commerce platforms

Graphic resources

High-quality images and resources for all products

Shipping 24/48 hours

No long waits and enviable logistics

Personalised service

Our advisors adapt to the needs of each client


  • Zero stock at the end of the season
  • Buy only what you have previously sold
  • Save management time
  • It has a personalised attention service


  • More than 10,000 references available
  • Receive up to 5 high quality images and resources of each reference
  • Stock information in real time
  • The file of each article is made up of more than 100 fields, in 5 languages
  • … and lots more!

24/48 hours guaranteed expedition

  • More than 7,000 m3 of logistics storage
  • We have extremely precise logistics
  • Place your order today and receive it within 48 hours

Our methods

Choose the connection that best suits your needs

Download CSV/Excel

  • Manual process
  • Information from time to time according to customer needs

FTP with CSV/Excel

  • Automatic process
  • Information from time to time according to customer needs


  • Automatic process
  • Real-Time Information
“The trust we have placed in Cerdá, in their team and in the quality of their products has allowed us to make an impact on the international market. We have achieved an exponential sales increase in a very competitive market.”
José Franch

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